Adveline Minja
13 min readAug 7, 2020


(This Article is the Updated version of November 6th, 2018 Election article) …

In 1776, the United States declared independence because people then had a strong desire to vote…they wanted to have a say in the laws, they tried to have government representatives that will represent them because they were being ruled by the British. Also, we know they went to war and fought to defeat the British, formed their new government so that they could vote for their leaders.

Don’t you now want the government of the people, by the people, and for the people? The leaders you vote for should represent you and your ideas, ideals, and values, to work for all people, not for themselves and the few, and if they don’t do the job people send them to do, you retire them with your vote.

Today’s political atmosphere of the nation reminds us of those old days and something else! It reminds us that democracy is free and secure when you relentlessly protect it.

In 1778, the nation’s founders wrote the Constitution which is the law of the land. The Constitution stated that the United States was a democracy-a government that will be governed by and for the people. The Constitution also promised many rights and the right to vote was mostly mentioned although they left the voting rights to the states.

Ever since the voting rights have evolved and given many groups rights to vote including women and young people, and continue to evolve today as some people, especially those who want to accumulate power in the hands of few, or the disruptors of democracy would like to tamper with the voting rights! To counteract the forces of the few who want to disrupt our political systems and voting rights requires the same strong desire to vote as that of the nation’s founders if democracy is to remain alive and protected.

Women and young people must take their power of voting to the polls in 2020 than any other time in the history of our nation because they the two groups of people who are the most vulnerable groups of people in the society that are susceptible to violence whether its gender discrimination or sexual assault against women or the gun violence in schools and inequity in education among the students. These groups are often suffered from discrimination and often deprived of their power to advance or protect themselves. Your vote is your protection.

In 2016, we saw election being taken away from an experienced political and intellectual woman to a non-political, inexperienced, a less intelligent Whiteman with the spectrum of prosperity (billionaire businessman), whose statements and policies are rooted in racism, and his administration disrespect and reversing civil and human rights as we have never seen in the 21st Century government politics.

It started with the confirmation of the Supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh which was both an abomination to all women and the justice system. Now has packed the federal courts with conservative judges to foster conservative agendas signaling a very unsettling truth that our democracy is at stake!

Our current president surrounds with radical non-political groups to pre-select leaders in key positions including the nominee to the supreme court.

Nothing about his selected people, like Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh was ordinary or normal-the process was not normal, the hearings were not normal, the confirmation was not normal! And that was/is what they want us to accept, to merit, and to value. But that was not normal and therefore still not normal and still unacceptable in our democratic society. We are experiencing a unique time in the nation’s political history and that requires our extraordinary reactions and actions on November 3rd, 2020, to vote for who and what is best for the common good of the people.

It is another turn to make your voice heard, to choose and vote for the candidate that cares about your welfare, protect and secure your rights, and abide by the Constitution that values all people and their ideals regardless of their economic backgrounds, culture, ethnicity or gender.

This coming election unlike any before will determine how you are governed tomorrow-do you want to maintain that status quo, which means keep the things the way they are today, or you want the change-the administration that will work for the common good of all people?

Like many have said, this election is the most important one in our lifetime given the unfamiliar partisan politics under President Donald Trump administration with its divisive policies that have brought the nation to its worse party-politics behaviors ever experienced the 21st century.

In less than two weeks Democrats will kick-off their Party National Convention across America August 17–20 …Unity and bring back the country to normalcy after 4 years of chaotic leadership and unfortunate of the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis is paramount in the 2020 presidential election…We are UNITED for BIDEN to keep the UNION.

Reflecting on July 25–28, 2016 when the Democratic Party Convention opened and the whole world eagerly watched with great anticipation given the unusual and unchartered battle between two presidential candidates that were as different as Day and Night-Hilary Clinton, a woman and a lifelong politician who by all means and beyond doubts was a leading and clear choice (at least that what all the polls showed) but of course, in the end, Donald J. Trump, a billionaire businessman with no experience in government governing and trailed behind as he failed all the three major presidential debates; yet, to the astonishment and disbelief of many people, he won the presidential election! His uncharacteristic and chaotic leadership is on the referendum of this 2020 presidential election.

Our nation has been sharply divided leaving many people angry and with many unanswered questions-what went wrong? Was it that America was not ready for a woman president? Was it that people did not vote for Hilary or people did not turn out to vote? Was our election system hijacked, hacked, or it is our rigged election systems that gave us unfavorable candidates? The candidate whose campaign was nothing but ruthless, pathetic, lies, and scare tactics; at times, it was backstabbing and character assassination; and many things of less substance. And while all these were in place, Donald Trump emerged as a winner! And America has not been the same ever since Donald Trump became the president!

So, where are we now, today? A better America today that was yesterday? Are we moving forward or backward? The answers to these questions lie on your voting power on November 3rd, 2020 presidential election. 4 more years of Donald Trump has not to Make America Great Again (MAGA)! It has Failed America Greatly Again (FAGA)! Imagine giving him 4 more years, he will forever change America to the worst of all. Do not allow that to happen!

How we are governed today is a question in the minds of many Americans. The nation has lost its moral compass and values, the unity and the opportunity that glue us together as one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all is been challenged and it is up to the voters to decide to protect and restore our nation’s founding principles and democracy.

If we must remain true to ourselves, to the constitution, and the political institutions and systems in place today, we must resist the politics of today and its leadership-the divisive politics and the violation of civil and human rights!

By remembering the men and women who gave it all when fought for freedom, peace, and justice for this nation, we can honor their sacrifice by acknowledging that their battle then was tough, yet relentlessly they fought to secure their freedom and democratic government which now call for us to continue with the founder’s sentiment of preserve the democracy. Their battle then was tough, but ours today is not in comparison, yet we ignore and neglect the very civic duty that ensures our freedom, peace, and justice-the the voting duty! November 3rd, 2020 get out and vote to fulfill your right and civic duty.

Voting gives people, a voice in decisions that affect them. Over the last century, the right to vote has been extended to many social groups and populations, although the struggle for civil and human rights continues in many parts of the world including the United States of America. Why? Because of the unwillingness of the elected democratic government leaders to support and abide by the laws of the land, like the Trump administration and his political machine reversing laws that are in place for the common good of the nations and its people, like the demonizing immigrants and instill policies of racism; support for weaponizing law enforcement and the police brutality against people of color; fueling gun violence and use of force on the streets and schools; and honoring gender discrimination and ignoring sexual assaults and LGBTQ rights, etc.

In the current modern society, the politics of few is on the rise (the rise of the disruptors of democracy) and have found ways to undermine the democratic institutions and systems put in place by the people, for the people-the unprecedented plan and actions that defy the rule of laws to cause economic disparities gap and social injustices.

If 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump was dominated by voters suppression, low turnout, or in general term rigged election systems, this 2020 presidential election we have reminded once again the importance of our secure voting rights and fair election systems that work for every eligible voter-all citizens with the rights to vote must be allowed to vote, and their vote must count for their voice to be heard!

When people exercise their civic duty of voting, the system must be fair and deliver what it promises-fair and free election and every vote count! Also, having the impartial Supreme Court Justices for a democratic election should they need to intervene on behalf of the people.

Former president Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States of America once said, “For this Nation to remain true to its people, we cannot allow any American’s vote to be denied, diluted, or defiled. The right to vote is the crown jewel of American Liberties, and, we will not see its luster diminished.”

In just three months from today, American people will once again cast their ballots to elect a president and a leader who will lead American for the next 4 or 8 years.

So, here is What Lies Ahead for the 2020 Presidential Election.

1. Your Turn to Vote.

Youth, women, the minority has all the reasons this time to turn-out in numbers. They are a group of people mostly discriminated against, and their rights are often denied. Getting out and vote in numbers will be your “ENOUGH” reason to stop this discrimination and the violation of your rights. When we all vote we increase the chance to influence and impact the election and bring changes you want to see. So, all people with voting rights and credentials is a MUST to show up and vote in November 3rs, 2020.

2. What You Need to Know to Never Waste Your Vote Again.

You need to know that your vote is your Voice and your Choice. This means voting is both your Right and your Civic duty. Be on the ‘I know’ side The well-informed voters make sure they choose their leaders wisely. They prefer a good candidate who speaks for them and who hears and listens to their voices.

As of Nov. 3rd, 2020, near-up, be sure to get prepared and take part in key decisions. You will soon be bombarded by TV-Ads, Newspapers filled with headlines and catchy phrases-some intended to inform and inspire, and some with misleading information about one candidate, one party, or the other; soon you might be watching candidates debating and interviewed on TV and social media platforms. But in the end, the decision is solely personal, and yours alone to unleash the potential.

Make this presidential general election a historic election by showing up and voting in numbers and exhibit the power of the vote, the “Let the People Rule, and “People’s Power Speaks”.

Remember, in the end, only you, the voters can choose whom you want and how you will be governed. Choose wisely, know the presidential candidates, the stakes are too high in this election, to waste your vote!

3. Why Your Vote Matter!

Your vote matter because voting is not only your powerful weapon to use to decide and influence the outcome on the matters that impact your life but is also a means of gaining negotiation power and make the change you wish to see. The only way to influence policy or bring about changes people want to see!

Voting and democracy are crucial in a democratic government because it provides people an opportunity to voice your opinion and vote for what you believe to be right and holds the elected officials accountable for the behavior while in office, to either re-elect them or vote them out.

Moreover, voting prevents a minority from dictating the policies that do not favor the majority. With Trump administration, what we have experienced in his 4 years in office is a nation divided between the powerful and political class that wants to consolidate power into their hands-politics of divisiveness, the growing element of racism, police brutality against people of color, violence rhetoric’s on the streets and in schools, bullying is on the rise; and the disregard of the rule of laws, the violation of human right, and yes, the lies and scare tactics; the leadership that want to empower the 1% rich people at the expense of the remaining 99% of the people; thus, the glorification of dictatorship and the suppression of individual rights, and the list goes on, all intended to confuse, exploit people and dismantle the democratic system and undermine the America position in the international stage.

This current administration is a good reminder as to why your vote matter. It matters when you reject all that Trump administration stands for and has exhibited time after time the past 4 years.

Amplifying your voices collectively matters and can make a big difference. It can change the administration and its leadership when we all vote. Today we have the most diverse Congress in the history of America because in 2018 people get out and vote their conscience. In2020 you can do it again…make another historic vote turn out in the history of the presidential general election and elect a patriotic leader, not a self-serving power monger.

Remember, when we all vote we are voting for unity and opportunity. On the issues that make your life better-your voting against a tax break for 1% rich that make other programs that help poor and middle-class citizen just get to the next day been underfunded and or defunded-the affordable health care, the education funds for school programs and equity in education not to buy guns for teachers or underfunding the public schools; you are voting against women violence; you want women voices to be heard when they report being sexually assaulted; you are voting against gender and racial discrimination and the inhumane treatment of immigrants and their children, you are voting to bring back the values that bind us together as people of this nation. So, when we all vote we can be a game-changer!

4. And Now, the Dos and the Don’ts of this Presidential Elections.

The Dos:

Know why your vote matters in this election and cast your vote

Already registered to vote and meet all the voter ID requirement-what you need to bring to photo ID vs. Non-photo ID, know your polling Station, familiarize with voting procedures and rules, types of voting-Early Voting, In-Person Voting, Absentee or Mail-In-Ballot/ Voting-By-Mail, Vote in other Language, and voters registration deadlines.

Check or update your Voter Registration-Check names and address-how, when, and why to avoid anything that may jeopardize your voting rights and ultimately your vote.

Decide whom to vote for-research your candidate to know what they stand for (their positions on the issues) so that you can evaluate the good and right candidate to vote for. Who is likely to unite us, than to divide us? Who is likely to bring opportunities you can be part of it-opportunities that impact and improve your livelihood?

Vote against things that are not right, issues that are the reason for your struggle with housing, education, Health Care Discrimination in the workplace-equal pay and pay increase, violence against women-sexual abuse, and gender bias. In doing so, you are demanding solutions; you are using your voting power to change the status quo that neither represents you not working for you-your ideas and values.

The Don’ts:

Do not register to vote and not vote.

Do not say you are undecided! Decide to vote.

Do not give any excuse-Like I am too busy; I have no time, Lines are too long, Polling Stations are too far, I do not have a proper or Qualifying ID. When you do not vote you lower or limit the chances of improving the issues that are at stake in every election, issues that affect your daily livelihood. When you do not vote, your problems remain unsolved and may get worse.

Do not know the issues? Use all the means to look up necessary and important election information… use the internet-their websites, their social medias pages-Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, ask your co-worker, your friends, your neighbor; use your Smart Phone to ask questions and find answers-ask, Siri or Alexa anything you want to know about 2020 presidential election, you will get answers to you your questions!

Neither waste your right nor your duty to vote.

For you, us, and we the people is how you or we want to be governed and treated. This election is upon us to weigh the pros and cons of Donald J. Trump’s leadership and exercise our right and duty towards shaping the direction of the country.

If you feel you are not treated equally, it should remind you about-are you a slave or a citizen? It should tell you about your right to vote and be represented rightfully.

People from the time immemorial have rejected the government that controls its people by divisiveness policies, by instilling fears on its people, and by violating the basic civil and human rights-people inspired by the ideas about the rights of man with this powerful words Thomas Jefferson wrote on the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that “All men are created equal” that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

We have, therefore, come too far to give up our rights or to be denied our rights, and who we are as Americans. As a democratic government, we must all come together and vote for our voices! People’s collective power brings change. Election gives power to the people.

Adveline Minja

I am an educator. I am a woman. I am a parent. I am passionate about teaching and learning things that made us whole and great!