Well-being While We Battle the Many Unknowns of the COVID-19 Pandemic!

Adveline Minja
15 min readAug 25, 2021


While it is not easy to put into theory a healthy way of adapting and sticking to a good and healthy lifestyle that keep our bodies free from foreign substances and disease-causing organisms or infectious viruses, and have exactly the same impact on our bodies universally…after all our physiology and anatomy may have shared characteristics and functions but processing what goes in and out of our bodies is not one-size-fits-all…We inherited different body-makeups (DNA & RNA) as such, our blood groups are not the same, our metabolisms are differently wired, and neither our heights nor our weights are the same, and that impact everything in our bodies, from moods to the overall health of our bodies.

Nevertheless, understanding the best ways to take care of our bodies against foreign invaders that attack our bodies should be the interest of everyone. It is imperative to be mindful of what we consume to keep our bodies healthy.

Food offers you what nutrients, but also when you need certain foods for certain reasons crucial for healthy living. Thus, Foods’ choices whether by preference or by its nutrients’ credibility must be learned/acquired to guide us in making smart choices of credible foods for healthy bodies.

Establishing, adapting, and sticking to good eating habits that promote good health and longevity have not been attained and sustained for the majority of us, perhaps simply because we tend to focus on other things in life than our bodies or forget that our bodies are engines of everything else, we do, and if so, priorities and focus should start with the state of your body, thus, you are what you eat.

Living under the cloud of COVID-19 pandemic and as a post-COVID syndrome person or sometimes known as “Covid long-haulers”, that you recovered from COVID-19, and may thereafter test negative for COVID-19 but you have acquired lingering health problems that may last for long-term…COVID long-haulers can be experienced by and persistent in people who were perfectly healthy with no medical history of underlying conditions for some reasons so far unknowns and known reasons such as organ damage, persistent inflammatory, autoimmune response. That is why paying attention to our body’s health during this Covid pandemic is crucial than ever.

A-year-and-a half into the novel coronavirus 2019 that causes the COVID-19 disease, I have learned quite a lot about the importance of keeping my body healthy depends on my choices of what I consume everyday-body, mind, and spirit.

Learning how to defend ourselves against diseases constructively and holistically from our kitchens first and foremost, and of course, to the medical field (your doctor-Science medicines) has never been so essential like this time of COVID-9 pandemic.

Food is medicine too! Why? Food is medicine because food offers a complex mixture of credible nutrients that can never be perfectly prepared and replicated by manufactured supplements, fortified shakes, or meal replacement bars. You cannot substitute credible foods 100% with the manufactured supplements or even medicine. Nature offers perfect remedies if we nurture nature to nurture and nourish our body, mind, and spirit.

Can food boost health hence a robust body immune system?

Many recent studies reveal that food choices have a tremendous effect on our bodies for better or for worse; food can even affect our moods, causing negative emotions that trigger emotional eating, hence wrong food choices, thyroid disorder, etc. With the skyrocketing cost of medicines and doctors’ visits while many people are underinsured or uninsured to receive proper healthcare, relying on good health habits, credible food choices are not a complicated science, but a simple embrace of the natural ways of living a healthier life-eating for better health!

Healthy living is a must to battle the COVID-19 that is intruding in us in every way of our everyday life. With the Covid-Delta variant infection clusters increasingly germinating across the country, no one is immune to it and the choices on how to contain this virus are upon us all…we can suffer less from it and even put it at bay if we make better choices, and the good news is that we all can make those healthy choices if the WILL to beat COVID-19 is deployed and adapted.

CDC and WHO have given us what to look for in terms of symptoms, guidelines to safeguard our health, and even the vaccines to ease the severity of the illnesses COVID-19 can cause. However, people with COVID-19 may have a range of symptoms ranging from undetected symptoms (asymptomatic), mild, to severe illnesses which require everybody to be vigilant and mindful of not only their own health but also of the others.

Over the period of 18 months under COVID-19, both known and unknown symptoms have changed considerably adding complications on how to contain this virus from the asymptomatic, unvaccinated, vaccinated but asymptomatic, and mask-wearing and vaccines diners.

If I say COVID-19 can make you go nuts, it will be under treatment. COVID-19 is a monster and a nightmare…it gets into your head and takes you hostage!

COVID-19 has affected everyone in one way or the other- physically, psychologically, emotionally, mentally, and or socially, leaving you vulnerable to illnesses-unhealthy body, mind, and spirit, even sick and death. Why?

Coronavirus infections attack and compromise your body's immunity-it suppresses your body's immune system and leads to organs fail to function, hence illnesses and deaths.

While COVID-19 has no cure so far, but various safety and health guidelines requirements have been made available for the public to follow…mask-wearing and vaccines are helping to slow the transmission and severity of the COVID-19 illnesses. However, because of the mysterious ways this Covid virus is manifesting itself on people-some get it with full known symptoms, others get it with minor signs, yet some get it without any known symptoms or contact source; likewise, some get it and recover fast, others get it and take longer to heal, yet some get it and die within a short period; and few battle it for some time, recover from it, and get it again, even the vaccinated people have fallen into breakthrough infection cases leaving the public confused than ever.

As mysterious and notorious as the COVID-19 can get, it is also how it is spreading and attacking your body. So far, the weapon you must have to battle the COVID-19 is to comply with the COVID-19 guideline, as stated by the CDC or World Health Organization (WHO). In addition, you can start the good habit of building natural healthy body immunity as your second line of defense, especially if you have underlying medical or health problems, which might compromise your body’s immune system and leave you with either immunocompromised (a weakened/low body immune system defense, affecting its ability to fight against infections and disease-weakened immune systems are more susceptible to COVID-19 attack) or with autoimmune (a condition that turns your body immune cells into double agents that fight against own healthy tissues).

So, what should we do now as we face this outbreak of Covid-Delta variant and heading to the Fall/Winter seasons in which the Covid virus tends to flourish?

So much has been debated and contested about the vaccines and vaccine boosters especially now that we have the COVID vaccines and as we head to a possible second wave of an outbreak of Covid infections from Delta variant or other variants, and after seeing the increase of infection trending across the country.

With the Delta variant and the slow pace of accepting the vaccination, we must forge reliable ways or alternatives on how to beat the COVID-19 attacks on our bodies by learning how to build and boost natural body immunity good enough to protect our bodies from many illnesses, not just COVID-19…the organic body immunity booster.

What is the organic body immunity booster means?

Organic body immunity booster in other words is, “You are what you eat”! But first, what does the body immune system means?

What Does the Body Immune System Mean?

According to the Cancer Research Institute, the immune system is the body’s natural defense system. It makes various body parts perform the functions of keeping you healthy and alive. The immune system does not reside in one part of the body; instead, it comprises a network of cells, molecules, tissues, and organs working together to protect the body. These cells, molecules tissues, and organs play a crucial role in how the body's immune system works and its function, which is essential in preventing infections or diseases.

To maintain a sound body immune system, you need the tools to fight back against the invasion of infectious viruses and bacteria. The best natural tool is credible nutrient foods. Nutritional foods are natural medicine-the “You are what you eat”.

When you have a healthy body, you have a robust body immune system defense that can detect the virus and kill it. When your cells of the immune system cannot see the infectious virus that enters your body and therefore do not know that your body cells have infections, your body’s health is compromised-immunocompromised. The contagious virus has weakened your defense-response (immune system) that attacked the infected cells, hence failing to protect you from diseases and deaths.

The body’s ability to protect and defend itself against a foreign enemy invader is what immunity is all about.

We know there are several types of immunity, but the two major ones are natural immunity and the acquired passive immunity. Thus, natural immunity is a type of general inherited protection, you are born with it, and it is species specific-like humans do not get dog distemper and dogs do not get humans cold!

Natural immunity is also can be active immunity or passive immunity, henceforth requiring a person to be immunized by using vaccines to help an individual develop active immunity that will protect a person against disease and offer him or her lifetime protection when the body immunity need to be protected or unable to produce its own defense (antibodies) against harmful invasions by foreign substances and disease-causing organisms. Active immunity is long-lived and may even last a person’s lifetime.

Passive immunity is a temporary form of immunity that is borrowed from another source. It is short-lived. A baby receives passive immunity from the mother before is born and after is born from the mother’s milk…passive immunity protects the baby until the baby is old enough to have its “baby shot” …then the baby will develop its own active immunity. Natural active immunity can therefore be the food you eat-food is medicine, and food is your immunity only when you build and develop healthy living that encompasses healthy food choices and an active lifestyle.

The other type of passive immunity is what is known as acquired passive immunity, the immunity that a person develops after his or her body immune system responds to a foreign substance or microorganism after a person receives antibodies from another source. Acquired passive immunity too, has two types-adaptive and passive. Thus, adaptive immunity occurs in response to being infected with or vaccinated against a microorganism, and your body sustains the protection-the body makes an immune response, which can prevent future infection with the microorganism. Passive immunity occurs when a person receives antibodies to a disease or toxin rather than producing his or her own body immune system and may rely on receiving antibodies to protect her or his health because her or his body cannot produce enough immune system against infections or harmful foreign substance inter the body, henceforth vaccines and vaccines booster shots.

Now let’s talk about the body's immune system that lasts and everyone can build it naturally and keep it active.

How to Build and Boost your Body Immune System During this COVID-19? (You Are What You Eat)!

It is vital to building a habit of eating good food to create a healthy body capable of fighting and preventing infections and diseases. The right foods give you more energy and keep you healthy and fit. Good nutrition means a good healthy life.

In addition to choosing the right foods, there are the best vitamins and minerals supplements that aid in boosting your immune system. Some suggested right supplements that may increase your body's immune system during this COVID -19 include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, D3, B6, B12, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc. Check your iron level often too! These vitamins and minerals are not medicine to cure or prevent diseases, including COVID-19, but help increases your nutrient intake in return; you get a robust body immunity.

Research has shown that vitamins and minerals supplements, nutritious foods, and certain herbs; also, routine exercise, and getting enough good sleep can significantly boost your body immunity and potentially protect you against many infections and diseases, including COVID-19.

Failure to maintain good health, especially now that COVI-19 is known to be responsible for suppressing the body’s immune system, may mean putting yourself at a health risk. Weak bodies are susceptible to infections and disease.

Unhealthy food, such as canned foods, processed food, and or fast foods loaded with salt, sugar, oils, preservatives, and coloring, may suppress your immune systems, leaving you vulnerable to virus attack. Coronavirus flourishes fast in a weak immune system body.

Likewise, stress, loneliness, especially during this time of social isolation and distancing, can weaken the immune system. When we interact with nature and the outdoors-going for a walk or engage in gardening activates your body and offers a positive state of body, mind, and spirit. The outdoor environment has benefits to our overall body health. Direct sunlight provides natural Vitamin D and clean air, especially early mornings, or late evenings when there are fewer cars and people congested on the streets.

According to a research study on college students on Immunity and Disease by Health psychologists Sarah Pressman, Ph.D., Sheldon Cohen, Ph.D., and fellow researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Laboratory for the Study of Stress, found that social isolation and feelings of loneliness each independently weakened first-year students’ immunity. Teaching your body to handle and manage stress may require repeated practice, just like eating and exercising; a night of good night's sleep is a night of better sleep and a significant health factor in the overall body's health and wellness.

So, what is the organic body immunity booster means?

Here, are what we should all try to do for the sake of feeling well and healthy, but also build good healthy habits that boost our body’s immune system. Building good health habits is the best organic tool we have in our power to battle the COVID-19 inside out!

When your body, mind, and spirit are connected, you are more optimistic and resilient to negativity-stress or anxiety, you are self-motivated to do positive things, and you will undoubtedly sleep better and feel good.

We know the credible nutrient foods are expensive, and it can be tough to build a healthy body that requires credible nutritious foods and supplements when reasonably you are struggling to put any food on the table-the irony being poor but need a healthy body!!!

I do not know how this will align well with the current and crucial need to eat credible nutritious foods to maintain a healthy body that is strong enough to fight this COVID-19. However, since there is no cure or vaccine, it will be challenging and problematic for many people to balance the need to stay healthy and the little income they get during the COVID-19 pandemic to afford credible nutritious foods as an organic body immunity booster.

Nevertheless, to disregard the fear of counting your little money at the expense of your health may sound odd, but what are the consequences? Your life depends on your healthy lifestyle, and consequently, being able to beat the COVID-19. Lifestyle changes such as balanced nutritious foods, exercise, and stress management can boost your body immunity significantly.

Everything currently seems to come with unnegotiable risks. However, risking your life by settling for poor health habits choices is not negotiable when battling the coronavirus pandemic.

The powerful foods + Vitamin Supplements you should confidently use to feed your body during this COVID-19?

Having experienced the COVID-19 attack and symptoms that won’t go away, feeding my body credible nutritious foods is not only the powerful weapon I can bestow to build and maintain a robust immune system, but also to keep the COVID-19 battle at bay.

From morning breakfast to the evening dinner, my food choices intakes are intentional with COVID-19 in mind. I must intentionally reconsider recipes, and many ways to prepare and cookout meals daily-I reinvented the wheels to make meals with COVID-19 in mind adaptable to give me the nutrients my body needs the most under the COVID-19 situation…Don’t mind being labeled “foody” or “queen of foods” because everyone eats, even Uber Eats!!! What others eat or how others eat is a matter of style, but for me, it’s a matter of building resilient natural body immunity.

First, know that colds and flu, pneumonia, respiratory disorders, fever, sore throat, stress, sleep disorders (Insomnia) are the primary illnesses that have shared symptoms as COVID-19, and therefore, knowing foods that heal these illnesses is a bonus in the battle against coronavirus attack.

Since COVID-19 attacks the respiratory organs such as lungs, causing respiratory disorders to include bronchitis-severe coughs, emphysema, pneumonia, and sinusitis; drinking plenty of fluids-warm or hot helps to loosen mucus and make your breathing easier and more comfortable.

When I am suffering from Colds/flu and respiratory disorders, I find these foods to be powerful healing:

Vitamin C-Citrus fruits-oranges, red grapefruit, and Lemons, plenty of water (10 glasses a day adding lemon or mint is a bonus to your health), and 100% Juices with no sugar added. Vitamin C intake is your first line of defense tool to support the immune system.

I often use other fruits, papaya, pineapple, banana, mango, apples, and berries. Watermelon and other red or pink fruits are good targets for their benefit in providing lycopene. Red fruits are rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that supports cells in your body to maintain good health-improve your heart, and avoid the risk of certain types of cancer.

To get enough Vitamin C, I add Vitamin C Supplement 1000mg daily, and I sometimes double it, depending on the severity of my cold/flu symptoms.

You also get additional Vitamin C from other foods like tomatoes, cantaloupe, green leafy, spinach, peas, asparagus, brussels sprouts, carrots, beetroots, mushrooms, and other fresh vegetables. These foods offer you Beta Glucan, an immune regulator. The soluble fiber found in these foods helps maintain a sound immune system, which provides relief from cold/flu and other immunocompromised illnesses like lung cancer, diabetes, etc.

Also, foods that are rich in Zinc and Vitamins D3 provide proteins your body cells need to protect your organs from the invasion of the virus.

Foods like turkey, chicken, red meat-pork chops, sea foods-oyster, wild salmon, yogurt, eggs, milk, whole grains, rice-predominantly brown rice, nuts, and pumpkin seeds are rich in proteins and zinc minerals. Zinc minerals help your immune system and metabolism. They are also essential to wound healing and your sense of taste and smell. It also helps stimulate the activity of many different body enzymes (8 milligrams mg a day for women and 11 mg a day for men is all you need or recommended to keep your body zinc to a healthy level.

Spices and Herbs

Also, be sure to “spyce” up your meals with these spices and herbs for excellent health benefits and add delightful flavors and enticing aroma: garlic, ginger, chiles, turmeric, dill, mint, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, and parsley, basil, lemongrass, lemon balm, and sage. These herbs and spices will not only boost your mood but also are good defenders of the immune system as they are rich in antioxidants. Intentionally, I use them as frequently and in every food preparation as possible can.

Finally, Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

It is easier to lose it all than to keep it all, but the life depends on maintaining it all and keeping it all. Unlike any other time in our lives, living under the threat of COVID-19 has changed everything normal to abnormal, and uncertain, but we must forge for ways to adjust and make changes as we go on with life with the COVID-19 upon us.

Despite the COVID-19 lingering fear, life is how you respond and confront the challenges it brings to you. Under the COVID-19, the priority and the battle are how to keep safe and healthy, since COVID-19 tends to attach the respiratory organ-lungs, respiratory disorders include bronchitis (severe-persistent cough) emphysema, pneumonia, sinusitis, lifestyle, good health-living choices is crucial than ever to beat this coronavirus invader.

Keeping your body healthy is more than just food choices and consuming credible nutrient foods and meal choices. It is also about taking care of your mind and spirit. It is the attitudes and habits towards healthy living. It is the self-esteem and self-confidence in the ways you live your life, unscripted and unapologetic-you are who you are; and you are what you eat to sustain your body, mind, and spirit.

Sejal Gandhi, a great health educator, considered health as not only the absence of physical diseases or sickness of the body but a positive state of body and mind.

Food nourishes your body, but having a positive attitude and perspective feeds your mind and spirit and helps heal faster and or overcome many illnesses and daily life obstacles and challenges.

Your overall body health and wellness, especially during this COVID-19 Pandemic, depend on your ability to listen to the body and to the recommendations for safety and health guidelines that will safeguard your health and life during this Covid-19 pandemic. Pay attention to the signals your body is sending you and using your instincts and senses to act quickly and soon as your body starts acting unusually and giving it a care boost it needs! Do not brush the unusual feelings away, for they don’t usually go away but multiplied to a bigger problem.



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